Consulting Services

I have been working in web development for over 16 years, building scores of web apps in this time. Using my expertise gained in this space, I offer the following services, ranging from advisory to full implementation and support.

Web Application Architecture

Do you need someone to advise on, design or lead development of your web-based application? Someone who can both make reliable technology decisions and build an app that your users will champion?

For the past 3 years, I have been running my own cloud-hosted SaaS product which runs on many of the UK’s top automotive websites and also architected large web apps for high-profile consulting clients. I have deep experience right through the application stack, with particular specialisations in:

I will work directly with your key users/stakeholders to build the application that they need and will enjoy using.

Search Consulting

Is search a core part of your application? Search has been integral to several web apps I’ve built for clients over the past few years. I will use my expertise in this area to help you:

You can read more about my search consultancy services here.

My commitment to you

When we’re working on a project together, you can expect:

You can read the feedback from my past clients to see the impact hiring me had on their projects and organisations.

How I will work with you

I employ a structured approach with all new projects, starting with an initial phone call to ensure we’re a mutual fit, followed up by a 1 day roadmapping session where we work together to produce a detailed outline of how the project will look before proceeding to the implementation proper.

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