Use sentence case for article titles

Your article content goes here.

This is the next paragraph, which will be a bit longer, because I want it to wrap around multiple lines. I also might want to include a list of items:

H2 to test out lists and code blocks


  • Item 1
  • Another item
    • With an indentend sub-item 1
    • And another sub-item 2
  • A third item

And then a numbered list:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

Code blocks

And maybe a code block:

const myFunction = () => {
  console.log('Hello, world!')

H2 for Images and other stuff

And maybe a nice image:

A nice image

And some bold text: bold text and some italic text: italic text.

And of course we can’t forget block quotes:

This is a block quote. It’s a great way to emphasize important information. And it may need to wrap over multiple lines, so let’s make it nice and long.

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